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Clever branding of an institutional repository is not to be underestimated. Clearly a catchy name that reflects the purpose of the repository is ideal, but when you’re not a marketing guru overflowing with creative juices, it’s a tricky task.
So what have we got to work with – what’s out and what’s in:

Repository – Undoubtedly, the word ‘repository’ has got to go. a). It’s passive. A place to store material. What we’re working on is to make material more publically available for authors, and to showcase the research output of the university – active. b). Perhaps it’s just me but ‘repository’ isn’t a particuarly user-friendly word, I can never say it properly.
Depot – well, it’s taken
Store – ‘Managed Store’ is better according to Archivist Lizzy (and again, passive)
Eprints – very easily confused with the software platform of the same name now.

Collection – this is future proof, works well with the DSpace structure of communities and collections, and covers all manner of content likely to be deposited.

Other words that we might like to use: Bath, University, Online, Digital, Scholarly, Archive, Publication, Open, Access, Research, (and maybe Repository)

That leaves us with:

  • SPA (Scholarly Publications Archive) – very clever, seeing as how we’re in Bath, but what if we wanted to add data or other formats?
  • ORB (Online Research at Bath)
  • UBRO (University of Bath Research Online)
  • ORCaB – Online Research Collections at Bath (or minus the ‘research’ OCaB)
  • BORA – Bath Online/Open Research Archive – also a model of VW.. UBORA?
  • The big brains at Emerald have come up with ASSET – Accessible Scholarship Shared in an Electronic environmenT for their OA publishing model.
    A bit of a stretch with the ‘t’, but clever.

    *massaging brain* C’mon THINK!

    * The University of Bristol repository is cleverly called ‘ROSE’ – Repository of Scholarly Eprints.


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