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The Internet Librarian International Conference in London, October 8-9 has a repository masterclass. Run by Frank Cervone of Northwestern University, USA it’s called ‘Repositories and Digital Initiatives’. The class is on the Sunday 7th October, before the conference. It looks very practical and the blurb says ‘through this step-by-step road map and by looking at examples of repositories that have been implemented in many different countries, you’ll leave the session ready to plan your own’. I like the idea of looking at existing examples, that’s my learning style..
Another quick plug – on the Sunday afternoon is the session ‘Using blogs effectively within your organisation’, run by Brian Kelly and myself.. Quick, sign up!.. 🙂

The turret

Our newly re-slated turret and re-painted finial.. a sizable architectural quirk on our otherwise tiny house! A work of art really, by Dan and Jay – roofers extraordinaire…


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Last Thursday I met up with Steph (from the Repositories Support Project) in Loughborough to check out the University of Loughborough Institutional Repository. Originally I’d contacted them after reading articles written by Jo Barwick and placed in the repository. We met with Jeff and Kate, who explained how they’ve set up their repository installation and their experiences. Kate gave us a run through of depositing an item in their DSpace account – they’ve a completely mediated service. It was tremendously useful to see and well worth the three and a half hours each way on the train. I’d written about twenty questions, including the following (with answers):
Q. What kind of statistics do they collect?
A. They use Google Analytics at the moment but interested in the stats plug-in from DSpace (which reminds me – are DSpace stats counter compliant?)
Q. Does the repository interface with their Research Expertise database (our PIP)?
A. No, but potentially that’s where they’re going. I’d like to know if anyone has managed this?
Q. Have they ever had anyone make a copyright complaint, coming in from their Notice and Takedown Policy?
A. Nope.
Q. What is checked in the mediation stage?
A. The journal/publisher policies for self-archiving, the file, all metadata is input, LCSH info added, and their Creative Commons license page is added to the front of the pdf.
Q. How long to deposit an item?
A. About ten minutes if all is in order..
Q. Staffing?
A. Outlined in the docs by Jo Barwick – originally a Repository manager to set up, now two years later there is deposit support from their technical services department, systems support from their Library Systems people, and the repository management is part of a Support Services Librarian post.

It was great to actually look under the bonnet of their repository, thanks again to Jeff and Kate and Jo for writing up her experiences.
White cliffs along the Jurassic Coast near Poole, UK.
White cliffs along the coast near Poole and Swanage.. completely the wrong direction to Loughborough but nevermind. Jelly-knee material when you’re up near the edge looking over.

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Over at the social networking site Ning there’s a Library 2.0 community. Brian Kelly from UKOLN has established a little group within this to gather thoughts and ideas for a Blogging Masterclass that we’re presenting at the Internet Librarian International conference in London, 7 October 2007. Brian has a phancy new phone with a camera, so muggins here was caught off-guard this morning and has been roped doing a short promo for the masterclass and Ning pages. It won’t embed in this page so here’s a link:


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I’m at the point of drafting information to support the deposit of items into our repository. There’s a lot of good documentation out there for existing repositories, which surprisingly makes it quite difficult – I’m going to have to shoot off some emails requesting permission for re-use or risk plagarising wildly.. One thing I haven’t seen written up is advice on dealing with material which has been produced with sponsorship from industry. Most repositories don’t accept material with commercial implications, but is this an issue that needs awareness raising, perhaps to help with negotiations at the commencement of the sponsorship? This was brought up in our legal team meeting. Will restrictions placed by industrial sponsors pose as much of an issue for depositors as restrictions from publishers?

Eden Project

The Eden Project – we visited in late June. Excellent day out, even with weather like this.. a great example of building something great out of nothing.

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What did we do before we had wikis? I really don’t know – had multiple versions of the same document floating around in people’s email I suppose, or saved it on shared drives that required emails back and forward to IT services for access to save in. Or internal intranets with designated staff only allowed to upload and edit material…
We have a university wide wiki system using Confluence, and it’s tremendous. Simple to use, easy to edit, history control, access and permissions which are easy to organise, simple exports to pdf, word or print formats, the list goes on.
I’ve been storing the work I’m doing for the repository on our wiki. The members of the repository working party can see exactly what’s going on and can make changes or leave comments. For me it’s a single storage point for the work I’ve done, which consequently makes it easy to visualise what needs to happen next.
I realise I sound like I’m evangelising but I’m definitely a wiki convert. These are great tools for brainstorming, managing projects and sharing information.

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Yesterday we met with two legal people from the University to discuss licences and legal requirements for outlining deposit agreements and the like. The discussion brought up points I hadn’t thought to consider, and also highlighted the need to provide information and education on Intellectual Property Rights, including copyright and the fine print for publishing industry funded work.

Today I was trawling through a database and came across an article published by researchers here, published in a journal that is, by Sherpa ROMEO standards, a ‘white‘ journal. This means archiving is not formally supported by the publisher. I took a look at the publisher copyright statement to be signed by authors. It requires the author to agree to the following:

The author(s), in consideration of the acceptance of the above work for publication, does hereby assign and transfer to {the publisher} all of the rights and interest in and to the copyright of the above-titled work in its current form and in any subsequent ly revised form for publication and/or electronic dissemination.

Now I understand this has been standard practice for publishers and authors, but would I want to divest myself so entirely of the right to my own intellectual capital? It highlights for me the need to offer signposting to alternatives to these licences. Why not try an addendum or use the JISC/SURF Licence to Publish?

Awareness is clearly the key to making informed decisions on what happens to your intellectual property. I’m going to be working on developing material for our website, for training sessions and anywhere else I can get my foot in.

(Licence or License – my natural instinct is for the ‘s’, sorry… a case of the old ‘separated by a common language’. I fall between the two.)

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If the entertainment blogs are to be believed, the Britney Spears approach to sharing means splitting your half-finished lollypop with the new man in your life (I’m not linking to my sources – *this* is a quality blog..!).
I’m not sure generosity should extend that far, but the following is certainly a much better example of sharing. I’ve just found a pre-print by Joanna Barwick in the Loughborough Repository. It’s entitled Collecting Loughborough’s research: the story of our Institutional Repository. The handle, or link is http://hdl.handle.net/2134/2992.
This stuff is like gold dust, and reading about the experiences of repository development at Loughborough is invaluable. Well played, Joanna and the Loughborough team.

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