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Repository Deposit Licence

I believe we’re on the tail end of getting our deposit licence ironed out. It’s been through numerous iterations – essentially it’s a document based on the Sherpa/AHDS recommended licence, that’s been across the desk of anyone who might possibly want to have a say in it.
I did post a message to the UKCoRR mailing list to ask whether anyone includes an indemnity in their licence – a few places replied to say they did. Our legal people were particularly keen on this idea, but the repository working party members were concerned it was possibly a deterrent to depositors. I think we’ve come up with a compromise, although that of course means it needs to see the top of someone else’s desk. When it comes back I’ll put it up for all to have a look through. We have borrowed from other licences, with permission, but the end result is very formal, quite a lot of legal jargon – ‘I, the depositor, agree to ….’. I notice a lot of publisher copyright agreement and licences have really toned down the legalese in their documents, I expect we’ll need to do the same.


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WordPress gives you a page on blog statistics, showing things like page visits, links followed to come in and out of your blog, and search engine terms used to find your blog. This is the kind of things I believe repository statistics show that is of interest to researchers – I know I find it useful.

However, from my WordPress stats, I deduce that there is a global shortage on information about … beagles. At least once a day people stumble into my blog looking for beagle info – for which I have one post here.

Note to self – improve repository statistics by writing articles about beagles…

Beagle people – try Wikipedia, or if you’re a Darwinian, try HMS Beagle..

Stalking Beagle! From cgines, licenced under CC onĀ Flickr.
Gratitutious beagle shot (from Flickr, photo by cgines, licenced under CC)

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