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Communities in DSpace

I met with Pete from UKOLN this afternoon to chat about communities and collections in DSpace. From the examples I’ve seen it seems most Higher Ed institutions use the communities and sub-communities to reflect the faculties and departments of the university, and the collections to describe the type of item, such as journal article, working paper, conference paper, etc.. I’m wondering if this is the best way to go about structuring the repository.

Pete had a different take on this – the communities reflect the administration requirements, so they’re structured from how you want people to administer them. This made sense at the time, and I expect to a large degree this overlaps with the departmental structure here, but it may help with deciding how to set out the tricky parts, like the Research Centres (which sometimes overlap departments).


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The Repository Support Project has just advertised a suite of events for repository practitioners in the UK over the next few months. Topics for the Professional Briefing and Networking event series include: Repository developments; Metadata issues; Stakeholder roles & perceptions and more to be announced.
Additionally, here at Bath there will be a DSpace Technical day on November 12, 2007. This provides DSpace users a similar event to that held recently for ePrints, where there will be the opportunity to attend a DSpace Surgery and ask installation specific questions. Alongside this are basic and advanced tutorials. I’m really pleased to see the RSP getting these events up and running, and I’ve just discovered their website is becoming more fleshed out with information useful for repository start-ups.

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